One of the biggest things for me when hiring someone in any profession is their personality and if we click. I know it may seem trivial, but when you get along with someone it makes it easier and more enjoyable to work with them. With portraits that goes hand in hand especially if you want a genuine capture of your family.

If I were to hire someone next time to take my newborn portraits I would want to know that we get along, they're pleasant, they've had safety training and proper experience with babies.

For me even more so I would love to hire someone who really gets into capturing my family and what I’m looking for and not just the typical or standard for everyone else.

Here are 6 things to look for when hiring a photographer

  1. Their work is professional and fits your vision
  2. Pleasant and understanding
  3. That you get along/ click
  4. Safety is number one 1 to them. They took courses and know what they’re doing with handling newborns.
  5. Professional, and have a plan for your session. You know someone could be good at taking portraits but if they don’t have a plan for your time and how to proceed then the day can get stressful and tedious, especially for new parents and children.
  6. Someone who takes an interest in getting to capture the details and wants to hear what you're looking for, not just a person with a camera but a person who’s there to capture your memories to have for life.